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Tony Dziepak

Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness

Teaching Evaluations

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Principles of microeconomics (Econ 2116). Scored on a 4.00 scale. Department averages (in parentheses) are over all instructors and all courses, including tenure and tenure-track faculty. Please note that this is the grand summary, which includes all elective courses. The subaverage for principles courses is significantly lower.

      \     Semester   Spring Summer  Fall  Spring  Fall
Item    \               1990   1990   1990   1991   1991

Knowledge of            2.65   2.65   2.77   2.88   3.11
course subject         (3.61) (3.51) (3.51) (3.55) (3.52)

Methods of evaluating   2.60   2.56   2.35   2.69   2.98
student performance    (2.86) (3.20) (2.93) (2.96) (2.87)

Preparation             2.32   2.00   2.29   2.69   2.89
for classes            (3.36) (3.24) (3.24) (3.30) (3.31)

Willingness to help     3.06   2.94   3.00   3.35   3.56
students outside class (3.22) (3.44) (3.19) (3.28) (3.20)

Clarity of              2.33   2.83   2.17   2.54   2.73
assignments            (2.95) (3.19) (2.86) (3.01) (2.88)

Administration          2.25   2.47   2.29   2.54   2.84
of class               (3.06) (3.29) (2.99) (3.08) (3.00)

Overall rating          2.30   2.44   2.11   2.80   3.00
of instructor          (3.17) (3.31) (3.07) (3.15) (3.03)
Florida Atlantic University
Department averages are not available.
   \     Semester    Fall  Fall  Fall Spring Spring Spring Fall
     \               1993  1993  1993  1994   1994   1994  1994
Item   \   Class*    6405  2013  2013  2013   2013   3101  2013

Clarity of class     2.75  2.81  2.89  2.35   2.85   3.29  2.88
Organization         2.43  2.75  3.07  2.71   3.04   3.43  3.50
of the course
Success in           2.88  2.82  2.95  2.51   3.08   3.57  3.00
achieving objectives
Overall teaching     2.38  2.72  2.85  2.44   3.00   3.71  2.75
* 2013: Macroeconomic Principles, 3101: Intermediate Microeconomic Theory, 6405: Advanced (Graduate) Industrial Organization.

Summary of teaching experience
I have one year of full-time teaching experience at Florida Atlantic University as a visiting professor. In addition, I have taught principles many times as a T.A. instructor at Virginia Tech and as an adjunct professor at FAU. I have been a T.A. for faculty at Virginia Tech for many economics courses. I am currently an adjunct faculty at The Catholic University of America.

As a visiting professor at FAU, I have instructed four large sections of macroeconomic principles. I have also taught intermediate microeconomics and advanced (graduate level) industrial organization. This was a full-time position, and the assignment also included student advising and recruitment of undergraduate majors. As an adjunct professor for Florida Atlantic University, I taught an evening section of macroeconomic principles, which consisted mainly of adult students.

As an instructor at Virginia Tech, I taught principles of microeconomics six times, with class size ranging from 17 to 111 students. As a teaching and research assistant at Virginia Tech, I have gained experience with the production and management of video classes and web-based instruction. Also, as the webmaster for the department, I have assisted faculty in their creation of class web pages, including class message boards that allow the instructor to post announcements and answer student questions. I am also developing web-based learning modules for an econometrics course.

I worked as an online content editor for Joseph Stiglitz's "Principles of Economics" textbook, W.W. Norton, publisher. I developed links for their online instructor's resource guide and the Stigweb online student study guide.

Also at VPI, the graduate instructors undergo a departmental graduate teaching supervision procedure, in which the graduate student faculty advisor attends some of our lectures in each course to personally evaluate class performance. In addition, I have completed a six-day, two-part (three days per semester) workshop, "Training the Future Professorate" (part I: teaching, part II: research and service).

As an experimentalist, I incorporate classroom experiments into the curriculum, which gives the students an enjoyable hands-on learning experience. For instance, an oral double auction brings to life the seemingly magical market forces of supply and demand, and the fish experiment demonstrates the tragedy of the commons.

A sampling of actual written student comments

* [The instructor] definitely works with the student; [there] should be no reason to fail his course.

* I liked the flexibility of instructor with office hours and advising students.

* [The instructor was] always there to help us with our homework when we didn't understand it; also [his] dedication & love for economics.

* The best aspect of this course for me is that I have developed a better understanding of the economy and how it works. The office hours were very helpful to me, and I feel like I have progressed.

* I really disliked this course at the beginning of the semester. I can't say that I love it now, but I have learned a lot about economics and I'm glad that I took the course.

* The packet was good, helpful, and contained a lot of information.

* This course was better than I thought it would be at first. Even though economics is just an elective for me, [he] actually inspired me to take micro principles next semester!

* His class was fun, never boring. His tests were fair as well as his grading.

* I think that Mr. Dziepak is a fine teacher and you should graduate him summa cum laude so he can get a good job and a good wife and a nice house in the suburbs.

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