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Improve bike and pedestrian access to West Falls Church Metro station

Tony Dziepak
August 2003

This image illustrates my recommended locations for multi-use trails to connect the West Falls Church Metro station with the Pimmit Hills neighborhood to the North.

The West Falls Church Metro station is one of the most pedestrian-unfriendly stations in the entire Metro system. The rail yard and I-66 to the North are major barriers to pedestrian access. Currrently, all bicyclists and pedestrians to the Notrh of I-66 must negotiate the busy Leesburg Pike/I-66 intersection.

First, a new bridge will take pedestrians over Westbound I-66 to a covered bike rack area. There will be an at-grade crossing of the express bus off-ramp from Eastbound 267. The trail will follow the noise barrier wall of 267 and connect to McCay Street, Norwalk Street, and Idylwood Road. This trail could extend through Olney Park to Olney Road.

A second spur would branch off West and follow the curve of the rail turnaround and connect with the intersection of Idylwood Road and Idylwood Court.

Finally, a second covered bike rack area will be located on the North side of the platform near the steps to the express bus terminal. A multi-use trail will follow the express bus access road under Westbound I-66, then turn West to parallel I-66. This bike path will connect to Idylwood Road at the 90-degree curve near the intersection of I-66 and Route 7.

I hope all of you encourage Fairfax County officials to get this improvement done--possibly in conjunction with the parking garage project.

Reference: Fairfax County, including maps and board of supervisors.

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