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Improve pedestrian access and reduce congestion at Vienna Metro station

Tony Dziepak
November 2004, revised April 2005

I suggest adding a second entrance to the Vienna Metro station to alleviate the current congestion and to acommodate future congestion that will come with the addition of the MetroWest development and additional parking facilities.

I commute via the Vienna Metro station. Since I walk to the station, I cannot comment on the parking constraints, but clearly, the bottleneck for all users is the escalator from the platform to the mezzanine.

If the Orange line were to go to 8 cars in response to the additional Metro West development and/or more parking, the single entrance bottleneck would be much more severe. The second entrance would be necessary to get all of the arriving passengers off of the platform safely.

The benefits of this second entrance:

* Reduces walking distance from the two existing parking garages (NW and SW) and a possible future overflow lot/garage West of the SW garage.

* Closer to the planned entryway plaza to the new MetroWest development.

* Closer to the WOD-Fairfax connector trail.

* Relieve congestion on the Eastern end of the platform.

* Include canopy to the underutilized Western half of the platform, which would prolong platform floor life, and better use of the entire platform. Encourages riders destined for Vienna to use all cars rather than bunch up at the 5th and 6th cars.

In most cases, the reduced walking distance is about a city block.

First image: the current condition. Notice the uncovered West third of the platform (with cars 1 and 2 of a 6-car train--shown, and cars 1-3 on an 8-car train). Middle is glass-covered platform, and East end is existing mezzanine over the East third of the platform.

Second image: Altered image showing location of proposed West mezzanine, entrance, and pedestrian bridge. The second mezzanine covers the West third of the platform.

I hope all readers of this article encourage Fairfax County officials to get this improvement done--possibly in conjunction with the MetroWest development.

Reference: Fairfax County, including maps and board of supervisors. The images were generated from the Fairfax County website.

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